Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What We're Up To...

Hey everyone!

Its been about a month since we've been back in Nicaragua, so we thought it was time for another update! Its been a great (& hot!) month. We're LOVING our house and being able to leave the craziness of the Amigos house at the end of the day. We've had a few small groups in and out over the past few weeks, but we're preparing for the start of the mission trip season this Saturday. We'll have groups in regularly until September!
Jeremy has really been focused on a new program we're calling Mission Adventure. We'll be offering 1 day adventures for groups, weekend trips they can add on to their mission trip, and Jeremy's preparing a full 10 day mission adventure trip that will include multiple adventures, as well as time working in communities. He is so excited to be leading all of this, and its been fun for all of us to help out with the "research trips". We recently went camping at Telica Volcano...directly next to the crater there is a flat, huge, green field...its perfect for camping, so we all lugged tents, water, and of course chocolate chip cookies to the top. Somehow I ended up in a tent with Jeremy, John Bland, and our Nicaraguan friend, Tomas....beans for dinner + small tent + 3 men does not equal anything good for me. About 3AM, in a moment of confusion, John began singing "Away in a Manger". For some reason he decides to sing in these difficult moments...some of you might remember his "Jesus Take the Wheel" performance when we were sleeping in El Capulin a couple years ago. The wind was horrible and no one slept, but the Telica trip was awesome. At night, you can look down in and see the lava...but as you can see from the pictures, you can't step too far...there's nothing to save you!

Other things that have been going on.... My mom's dad passed away about 3 weeks ago. I was blessed to be able to fly to NJ to spend some time with him for a few days at the beginning of February. It was a hard time for everyone, but it was really nice to spend time with my mom, Nana, and extended family. At work, I've been working on Amigos' new website which should be online within the next month. The projects in our communities are going well and we're about to start a giant water system in a nearby community. Last week was Jose Benito's birthday, so I made him a chocolate cake and we had a little birthday party at his house in Villa Catalina! Our puppy Bailey, finally understands "sit" - a huge victory for me and Jeremy...apparently Dalmations are not known for being smart, but maybe the lab in her is helping :)

Jeremy's birthday is this Friday! Maura's birthday is March 9th! We're excited to come home for about a week in April for her confirmation. Hope you all are doing well!

Kristin & Jeremy

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  1. Hilarious. You guys are so cute! When will you be home in April? I'll be there the weekend of the 10th, it would be AMAZING to see you!